Apart From Clothes, It Can Also Be Cleaned In A Washing Machine

What have you been doing with your washing machine? Most of you will answer to wash clothes. From now on, you will know that this object does not only function for cleaning clothes. There’s a lot to clean up there! Instead of bothering to wash these things manually, you should just put them in your washing machine. Don’t forget to take the best care of your washing machine with Samsun Washing Machine Repair. Maybe you wash your bolsters and pillows often enough. But, have you ever washed the inside? The body sweat that comes out when you sleep does not only stick to the cover but also absorbs into the inside of the pillow and bolster.

Moist pillows and bolsters are a favorite place for bacteria and germs to breed. For that, immediately wash your pillow and bolsters right now in the washing machine. For maximum results, wash regularly every 3 months. The shower curtain is almost always wet. Not surprisingly, curtains that are rarely replaced will be slimy and moldy. Of course, this can be a source of disease if it continues. From now on, don’t be lazy to wash the bathroom shower curtain regularly. You don’t need to use your hands! Use the washing machine to make it easier for you. Wash the curtains at 30 degrees, and apply detergent as if you were washing clothes. The shower curtain can come back clean and white.

Yep, you can also wash this one kid’s toy using the washing machine! To avoid damaging the lego and damaging the washing machine, first place the leg pieces in a laundry bag or pillowcase. Make sure that the cover is securely closed with a rubber band. Although not as extreme as other sports, yoga is also a sweat. Without realizing it, your sweat while exercising is absorbed into the yoga mat. If this is not cleaned, the accumulated sweat can become a breeding ground for bacteria. From now on, wash your yoga mat using a washing machine filled with cold water.

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