The Importance Of Watch Maintenance

Choosing the AUGUST BERG could be challenging with various options available. But one more important thing is maintaining the watch. Never ignore a watch for granted. We may often use it for things that are certainly functional. However, the watch also needs the care to remain durable and continue to function. This decorative accessory also requires special cleaning to ensure the right time. Moreover, if you have a myriad of watches for investment. Taking care of it regularly is certainly mandatory so that the price does not go down.

You can start with cleaning in the watch case. Wipe the watch case with a lint-free or soft cloth. Then use a toothpick to clean dirt between the hours that may not be reached by the cloth. If your watch is waterproof or has at least 3 ATMs and is not made of wood, you can clean it with warm water. Add soap with a light texture than dry with a clean cloth. You also need to immediately clean your watch when you are sweating. Watches equipped with mineral glass are usually not easily scratched. But, of course, no crystal is truly perfect. If your watch is rarely used, you can cover the watch with a soft cloth or store it in a special watch box that minimizes the scratching of the watch. If the crystal is broken or scratched, you should replace it immediately.

Never keep the watch in the same place as other jewelry. This can cause friction from other pieces of jewelry. Continue to the watch strap. If your watch is made of leather, you can give a special lotion of leather. Keep the watch strap from water or a blow dryer. For metal bracelets, you can use a soft toothbrush to remove dirt. Next, dry it with a soft cloth. For watches that use ropes made of rubber, canvas, and cloth, you only need to clean using soap and then brush with a small brush to remove dirt.