9 Bad Effects Of Sweet Drinks For Health

Having custom Nalgenes is fun because we can bring water, coffee, fruit juice or other favorite drinks when outside the house. Consumption of sugary drinks such as sodas and bottled drinks that contain artificial sweeteners or sugar in large quantities is not only associated with various risks of diseases such as diabetes and obesity, but there is still a list of other adverse effects on health.

Here are 9 negative effects of consumption of sweet drinks for health:

1. Gain weight
A 20-year study of 120,000 men and women found that people who increase consumption of sugary drinks even if only one portion per day can increase the risk of weight gain over time. Significant weight gain can be seen after 4 years, compared to people who do not change or increase the intake of sweet drinks.

2. Inhibits satiety
Sweet drinks like soda contain about 240 calories, unfortunately, sweet drinks do not produce the same satiety as other solid foods even though they contain the same amount of calories. So you will eat more solid food to feel full and this will actually increase your calorie intake.

3. Increase the risk of heart attack
A study conducted at Harvard of 40,000 participants over two decades found that men who drank an average of one can of sugary drinks per day had a 20 percent higher risk of heart attack than men who rarely consumed sweet drinks.

4. Increase the risk of pancreatic cancer
A study conducted in 2010 found that drinking sugary drinks like soda at least twice a week can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by two times. The study was conducted for 14 years on 60,524 participants.

6. More at risk of type 2 diabetes
People who consume sugary drinks regularly as much as 1 to 2 cans a day have a 26 percent greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes than people who rarely drink sweet drinks.

7. Weakens the muscles
A study conducted in 2000 found a significant relationship between drinking carbonated soft drinks with fractures among adolescents. This is due to muscle damage that occurs after consuming sugary drinks regularly even in just 4 weeks.

8. Has a higher risk of gout
A 22-year study of 80,000 women found that women who consumed only one can of sweet drinks a day had a 75 percent higher risk of gout, compared to women who rarely drank sugary drinks.

According to research, this risk can increase along with the amount of sweet drink intake. Gout is an inflammatory condition caused by increased levels of uric acid in the blood stored in the joints. The researchers also found the same high risk in men.

9. Causes tooth decay
All soft drinks and some sports drinks generally contain sweeteners which can erode tooth enamel and cause tooth decay. Sweet drinks can cause acidity in the mouth which is a major factor in the development of tooth decay.