Tips Before Buying Spotting Scope

Binoculars are tools that you can rely on when you want to see objects that are very far away. Regarding the type, binoculars consist of 2 parts, some are bonocular or have 2 twin lenses and some are monocular or have only one lens. To find the right binoculars, the first thing you have to do is, determine the strength of the binoculars themselves, for example, 6×24, 7×50, 8×42, 10×42 to 12×36. Both numbers indicate the magnification and represent the diameter of the objective lens. Get best spotting scope under $500 on our website.

To determine the magnification value, it can be seen from the value on the front. For example, 6×24 which means, the magnification value is 6x. This number itself indicates the magnification of the image viewed through the binoculars. Lower magnification binoculars are usually those that are 7x and lower allowing for a wider field of view. Which is usually used to target distant objects such as ships, when hunting animals become easier. With a wider field of view it will also make it easier for you to follow the movement of the object being observed. FYI, the assumption that if you choose the first number that is bigger will be profitable, it is actually not quite right. The reason is, however, the choice of magnification must look at the target and the terrain to be used, not just the widening of the field of view.

After the magnification value, don’t forget to specify the objective lens diameter in millimeters (mm). This value can be seen from the number behind it. For example, 6×24, then it is read, the magnification of the lens reaches 6x with a lens diameter of up to 24mm. Usually, binoculars with 24mm lens are mostly used by private users. The size itself is smaller, it can even fit in your pants pocket. The larger the lens size, the larger the field of view that you can get from the lens itself.