These Flowers Symbolize Good Luck During Chinese New Year

Maybe it is rare for Chinese in the country to give flowers on Chinese New Year. In fact, in China itself, giving flowers is a habit that is often done when the Chinese New Year arrives. However, these flowers still appear in the homes of people celebrating Chinese New Year. For ethnic Chinese, flowers symbolize good luck. Meanwhile, if you need to buy high-quality flowers for the Chinese new year, we recommend you visit asda flowers.

Here are some flowers that symbolize good luck in the Chinese new year:

Mei Hua

Mei Hua is a unique flower. Until now there are still many people who think Mei Hua is Sakura. Though not. Mei Hua usually blooms in the new year, so the Chinese use it as a flower that must be present during Chinese New Year.

We know them as Sakura flowers, but this flower is also known as Meihua. If you observe, this flower often appears in ancient Chinese paintings. Generally, this flower blooms in the new year, so people often use it as a mandatory flower.

Meihua itself symbolizes luck. In the development of the tradition, angpao (new year money) is often hung on the Meihua flower branch to invite good luck. The flowers are small. There are pink and red colors.


Daffodils are a symbol of prosperity. The trunk is big enough like tuberose. The flowers are large and beautiful. Available in various colors.

White, yellow, purple, pink, orange, and red. You just have to choose the color you like.

Towards the Chinese New Year, traders usually sell cut lilies. Apart from cut lilies, there are also people who deliberately plant lilies in the garden. When Chinese New Year arrived, all he had to do was move the lilies and their pots into the room.


Remember chrysanthemum? Chrysanthemum flower drink which is useful for relieving heartburn. When the Chinese New Year arrived, chrysanthemums were also often used as displays.

Chrysanthemums are a great symbol. The presence of chrysanthemums in the house is expected to make the owner live a long life. Just like daffodils, chrysanthemums are also rich in color.

The most common colors are yellow and orange. When Chinese New Year arrives, chrysanthemums are usually arranged in the flower vase.

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