How Sagging Roof Cause Leaking

Leaking are probably two familiar words to your ears. Don’t wait until it’s bad. Immediately find the source, then solve the problem with the help of professional Roofers Near Grove OK service. The most common source of the leakage is the roof. The tiles are the roof problems that often occur. Sagging tiles are caused by many things. First, the slope of the roof is too tilted (above 400), causing the tiles to slip off the batten mounts. Second, the installation of tiles is carried out carelessly, so that when there is vibration (for example due to heavy rain or strong winds) it causes the roof to sag from the batten holder. Third, the roof frame is porous due to age or being eaten by termites, causing the battens where the roof tiles are to be broken.

For prevention, check the tiles regularly before the start of the rainy season. This check is in the form of checking everything on the roof. You also have to check the condition of the roof structure regularly, especially for houses that have been standing for 3 years. Ideally, this initial precaution is done shortly after the tile installation is complete. This is to ensure that all tiles fit perfectly into the stand so that the possibility of sagging is small. If the volume of water entering the house is large, you must immediately cover the roof with a tarp so that water does not flow into the house. If you can’t do this step, immediately break down your ceiling in the direction of the drop in the water so that the water goes straight into the room. Then, fill it with a bucket.

If your roof construction is not ideal, you can rearrange the roof slope construction (aka total demolition) so that the ideal roof slope matches the type of roof covering (roof tiles) you are using. If the architectural design of the house requires the roof slope to be more than 400, choose tiles that are equipped with nail holes to lock in the tile position so that it doesn’t sag.

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