Office Carpet Cleanliness Affects Office Air Cleanliness

Clean air in the workspace is very important in addition to creating health, it can also provide comfort for every employee who wants to do activities in it. Indirectly we are not aware of the cleanliness of the air in the workspace, especially with a very busy schedule so that you ignore the health due to very bad air. Of course, the first thing that has an impact is health because we indirectly breathe dirty air during activities, let alone conclude that our activities in the workspace in a day can take up to 9 to 12 hours so how much dust we breathe from the dirty carpet spread into the air. So that this does not happen, then you must immediately contact the visit us. This often occurs in employee performance, dirty office space indirectly hurts your employee’s performance, from the negative impact that employees will easily become lethargic or uncomfortable with dirty workspace conditions.

Bad air is produced from dirty carpets why the first aspect occurs in carpets because almost every office space uses carpet as a base on the floor, carpet is a fiber material that can store dirt, be it dust or other dirt caused by footwear. So that indirectly the carpet that we go through every day keeps a lot of dust, bacteria and even fungi that can make the air worse, besides that dust can stick to the furniture in the office space. The office is a busy area. No wonder, people often pass by to complete their work. Then go to photocopy with the machine, walk to the meeting room, and so on. All this traffic activity can cause a lot of noise as a result of shoes and floors rubbing against each other. Even though the office area must be calm and conducive so that other employees are not disturbed, and can also work with focus.

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